Back in 2000/2001 I was learning Visual Basic, and I thought I might aswell do something productive while learning a new language. So I decided to make a Deassembler for the new GambeBoy Advance that was just out. Unfurtunatly I got to busy with other things and the project was never completed. This is a working version but it doesnt have a complete list of all the op-codes.

Because it does not have a complete set of op-codes it is not ready for production in any way. It had some cool features like viewing memory as a bitmap, and allow you to tweak fetch area to display. The thinking here was to be able to dump GBA roms and find data areas, specifically where graphics is located.

The application binaries and source codes are free for anyone to use in anyway they want. Keep in mind that this is not production ready, and I am not responsible for anything you decided to do with it.

The application was developed in Visual Studio 6, on Windows XP, and requires comdlg32.ocx to run (in binaries .zip). Altough it includes a hex viewer, and some handy tools like save/dump nominated areas etc., it would make more sense to use it on GBA rom images.


Download binaries/executable:

Download source codes (VS6):

(lost my source codes..)

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