Bad Luck City is Conquest map/level for "Battlefield 1942" by EA Games. Made for the "Desert Combat" modification.


  • 4 neutral flags that can be captured.
  • 3 flags is needed for for opposition team to loose tickets.
  • Red base and Blue base flag can not be captured.
  • Each team starts with 500 tickets.
  • Loosing team will "bleed" one ticket per second.
  • All vehicles has 10min spawn time once destroyed.
  • Abandoned vehicle stays for 5min.
  • Loose control of flag is 10 seconds.
  • Gain control of flag is 10 seconds.


  • Medium size map with big playground
  • Town/City "like" with 160 buildings.
  • 6,287 objects in total.
  • High-quality lightmaps and shadows.
  • Best played in 1920x1080 with all game options at max.
  • Minimum players 6.
  • Recommended 8+ players.

Filesize: 51,773 KB

Map: DC_bad_luck_city.rfa
MD5: AF0943FADC83E758214EA5A4A22E8D47

build 0766 (2014-09-04 10:32:26 tommy@pc2.pc2)

Disclaimer: this map is highly addictive and should be enjoyed in moderation.
"Bad Luck City" is a game map/level for "Battlefield 1942" by EA Games, and needs the "Desert Combat" modification.
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